About us

Volmary® - GROW FOR GOLD

We are an international, independent and family owned company with headquarters in Muenster, Germany. Since 1925 - now in the hands of the third generation - Volmary stands for an innovative and tradition-conscious vegetable and flower growing company making the world more colourful.

The name Volmary ® stands for quality seeds and best seedlings.

Passionate gardening

We really would like you to see, smell and taste the success in your garden… As a competent partner we always give our best - according to our motto: Grow For Gold®.

Variety is the spice of a colourful life

The focus is on our wide range of all-season vegetable- and herb plants, flowers and perennials for your garden and balcony.

With Volmary ® you will have best results, which have proven their suitability in professional cultivation. Due to the gained experience of many generations we grow many varieties ourselves and we take into considerations the wishes of our customers. We also have many rare vegetables and organic varieties in our range.

The harmonious "MultiColour-composition-concept" can be recognized at first glance and shows how much attention we pay to detail, varieties and composition.

Present yourself more quality of life: there is more than enough variety - twelve months a year.

Vital plants touch your heart

Fantastic types of flowers with tremendous flowers and high yields. Healthy vegetables are the best foundation for successful gardening. Volmary ® plants stand for professional quality of a wide range of varieties in highest quality.

So gardening will increasingly become your passion.

Confidence grows fruits

Whether in the garden or on your balcony, with Volmary®products you plant long-lasting vitality. Gardening is one of the most beautiful activities one can have. People of all ages love the "outdoor sports" and are enthusiastic about the changes of nature in their garden. Experience this feeling!

Grow For Gold®-achieve simple and reliable horticultural successes which can be seen, smelled and tasted.

The Volmary team wishes you lots of colourful gardening moments.

Volmary plant breeding and information center, Münster
"The colourful Volmary® plants make me creative. These are feelings of happiness while planting."
"My gold is colourful, because diversity makes life more colourful."
"Planted with love - harvested with joy!"
"Enjoy trustfully."