Lilyturf 'Ingwersen'

planting site / location:
planting distance:
30 cm
soil / fertilisation:
Prefers humus-rich soil.
Keep it moisturised.
gardener's tip:
Cut off pedicles of the previous year closely to the ground in spring.
The evergreen liriope from Japan usually grows in forests, canyons and bamboo thickets. It is perfect for warm, shaded locations. 'Ingwersen' is a particularly rich-blooming variety. Its lilac-coloured, robust flowers do not only make it an attractive late summer bloomer in Asian gardens.

german term: Lilyturf
botanical termn: Liriope muscari
plant height: 45 cm
life cycle: perennial
flowering season: August - October
flower colour: liliac coloured
use: Versatile plant for mixed beds, pots, tubs and containers.