christmas rose 'WinerSun'

planting site / location:
sunny to half shaded
soil / fertilisation:
Nutritious and permeable soil with steady moisture. Avoid waterlogging.
Keep it moisturised.
gardener's tip:
Black hellebores are especially suited for locations outdoors. For weeks they are nice eye-catchers in bowls or pots on patios or balconies when looking outside. If watering during frost-free days in winter is not forgotten, then the plants can be planted in gardens in spring. Among shrubs in half-shaded locations or near the house, these plants grow a dense foliage and a lot of flowers that bloom and bring joy for many years. Hint: you can also enjoy the flowers in cool rooms for many weeks. When adorned with Christmas decorations, black hellebores are a real trend.
The flowers of the christmas rose 'WinterSun' already grow in November. Well-suited for beds and tubs as well as smaller pots. Is absolutely hardy and evergreen. For further information visit the website


german term: Black hellebore
botanical termn: Helleborus niger
plant height: 30 cm
life cycle: perennial
flowering season: November - February
use: Well-suited for beds and tubs as well as smaller pots.


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