English daisy 'Tasso ® Mix'

planting site / location:
sunny to half shaded
planting distance:
25 x 20 cm
soil / fertilisation:
For containers and bowls you should use quality soil (substrate) with a high amount of white peat. In contrast to black peat it is far more fluffy and therefore air-permeable so the roots can breath more easily. Just like with food, you can usually find the according information about the peat on the sack itself. So, white peat first and then black peat. If uncertain, just lift the sack. If a 20l sack is already heavier than you expected, then better leave it where it is and look for a better product. In addition, quality soils usually have the advantage that they already contain some fertiliser. Therefore you do not have to fertilise within in the first 4 weeks.
Keep it moisturised.
gardener's tip:
Daisies can survive frosts but they feel more comfortable when they are planted in trays inside the house and are protected from rain . Remove withered plants.
The English daisy ’Tasso®’ is a rewarding spring bloomer and delights with large and densely filled pompon flowers for many weeks from February to April. Depending on the variety, you get a romantic play of pink, red and white colours and a long bloom. A vigorous plant that grows up to 15-20 cm and which is not only suitable for beds but especially for pots and balcony boxes. Tasso® Bellis, also known as daisies or amaranth, can be combined with a variety of other plants like herbs, grasses, forget-me-nots and violas. In particular, hardy herbs such as sage and thyme are just perfect to do so.


german term: Daisies, Bellis
botanical termn: Bellis perennis
plant height: 15-20 cm
life cycle: biennial
flowering season: February to April
flower colour: Mix
use: Ideal for your summer planting in beds, window boxes and pots or hanging baskets.
colour palette: pink