Grandeur Odorata Hazelnut 'Grandeur® Odorata Hazelnut'

planting site / location:
sunny to half shaded
planting distance:
35 x 30 cm
soil / fertilisation:
When bedding out use slow-release fertiliser and extra liquid fertilser when needed. Avoid waterlogging. Ideal are sandy, permeable soils.
Keep it moisturised.
gardener's tip:
Only plant in open air after the last frost. Not hardy, protect against frost. Remove withered plants. Fertilize sparsely so the production of flavours does not suffer from it. The well-branched, compact shoots can be cut back strongly in late-summer. During wintertime the plants should be placed in a cool, frost-free and bright room and can be brought back outside after Ice-Saints in mid-May.
Fragrant geranium with wonderful fragrance. Fragrant geraniums are originally from South Africa and related to the geranium for balconies. They came over from England in the 17th Century. The British are well known for their love for special things. It is not only the flowers which delight us, but also the special shape of the leaves and the exceptionally intense fragrance. The leaves have glandular hairs, which spread a special fragrance when touching, or when it is windy or raining. The delicate flowers and the serrated, dark leaves make this plant such a must-have and trend-setter.


german term: Grandeur Odorata Hazelnut
botanical termn: Pelargonium x species
plant height: 35-40 cm
life cycle: annual
flowering season: May to September
scent: Hazelnut fragrance
use: Fragrant plant! Ideal for planting in the direct proximity, so you can enjoy the fragrance. For beds, window boxes and pots, e.g. near the entrance.
colour palette: green