Wild primroses 'Sylvita Blue'

planting site / location:
sunny to half shaded
planting distance:
20 x 25 cm
soil / fertilisation:
Permeable, nutrient-rich soil.
Keep it moisturised.
gardener's tip:
In bowls, add sufficient water and do not let them dry out. Once plants are withered they can be planted in the garden.
The wild primrose 'Sylvita' has bright flowers on sturdy stems. Ideal for plantings in beds, on the balcony or in pots.


german term: Wild primrose
botanical termn: Primula elatior
plant height: 20 - 25 cm
life cycle: perennial
flowering season: February to April
flower colour: blue-violet shades
use: Ideal for your spring planting in beds and in pots. Indoors in bright and cool locations.
colour palette: violet