Mini winter pansy 'Ice Babies® Mix'

planting site / location:
planting distance:
15 x 15 cm
soil / fertilisation:
A good supply of nutrients is important because it supports the growth and formation of new buds.
Water regulary, even in winter.
gardener's tip:
Provides lots of colours and is hardy, can be planted in the garden after flowering.
The winter horned pansy variety Ice Babies® (Viola x cornuta) is particulary hardy. The plants present themselves with an abundant amount of flowers in enchantingly beautiful colours from dark pink, to violet, yellow and dark bronze shades. The creeping to overhanging growth makes them ideal for wintry bowls, beds or as a winter decoration on graves. Only during long-lasting frost periods they stop blooming.


german term: Mini Winter Pansy
botanical termn: Viola x cornuta
plant height: 10-15 cm
life cycle: annual
flowering season: October to May
flower colour: Mix
use: Ideal for your spring planting in beds and pots, window boxes or hanging baskets.
colour palette: violet


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