Lavender 'Grosso'

planting site / location:
planting distance:
30 x 30 cm
soil / fertilisation:
Most advantageous are humus and permeable soils. When bedding out use slow-release fertiliser and liquid fertiliser if necessary.
Water regularly
gardener's tip:
Overwintering is possible in protected areas. Constant pruning fosters the new growth.
This lavender is a robust and vigorous variety. Perfect for balconies, terraces and beds. The longish, blue-violet flowers have a pleasant fragrance.


german term: Lavender
botanical termn: Lavandula angustifolia
life cycle: perennial
harvest season: perennial
flowering season: April to November
flower colour: Violet shades
scent: Wonderful lavender fragrance
use: Popular culinary herb and ideal for your plantings in beds, hanging baskets, pots and window-boxes.
colour palette: green