Lovage, Maggi herb 'Verino®'

planting site / location:
sunny to half shaded
planting distance:
30 x 30 cm
soil / fertilisation:
When bedding out use slow-release fertiliser and extra liquid fertilser when needed.
Keep it moisturised.
gardener's tip:
The lovage 'Verino ®' is perennial and the leaves go back in open air during overwintering. It reaches a height of up to 1.50 m.
The lovage 'Verino ®', also called Maggi herb, is suitable for seasoning soups, meats and vegetables. Therefore, tender leaves are finely chopped or entire twigs are cooked. Due to its intensive taste only small quantities are used. Served as tea it has anticonvulsant, expectorant and digestion stimulating characteristics.


german term: Lovage
botanical termn: Levisticum officinale
plant height: 120 - 150 cm
life cycle: perennial
harvest season: perennial
flowering season: July to August
use: Versatile culinary herb
colour palette: green