English peppermint 'Citaro'

planting site / location:
sunny to half shaded
planting distance:
25 x 25 cm
soil / fertilisation:
When bedding out use slow-release fertiliser and extra liquid fertilser when needed.
Keep it moisturised.
gardener's tip:
It is vigorous and grows subterranean runners. Prefers moist locations. Replant and change location after 2-3 years.
Mint of the nice way. Vitalising flavour. Ideal for teas, salads and decorating desserts and junkets.


german term: English peppermint
botanical termn: Mentha piperita
plant height: 50-70 cm
life cycle: perennial
harvest season: perennial
flowering season: July to September
use: For teas and seasoning dishes. Highly decorative in mixed beds and on balconies.
colour palette: green