Mushroom Plant 'Champi'

planting site / location:
planting distance:
25 x 25 cm
soil / fertilisation:
When bedding out use slow-release fertiliser and extra liquid fertilser when needed.
Water regularly but sparsely.
gardener's tip:
Perfect for beds and pots. Choose a sunny to semi-shady location.
Amazing when used with mushrooms is our mushroom plant 'Champi' (Rungia klossii). Crispy and shiny dark green leaves with a delicate mushroom flavour. The mushroom flavour is enhanced when cooked slightly with oyster mushrooms or king oyster mushrooms. Plant has a robust growth and grows perfectly on the window sill or in sunny to semi-shady beds. Keep it in your house so you can harvest all year long.

german term: Mushroom Plant
botanical termn: Rungia klossii
plant height: 30-40 cm
life cycle: perennial
harvest season: perennial
flowering season: June to August
use: Culinary herb for seasoning dishes.
colour palette: green