Gourmet rosemary 'Abraxas'

planting site / location:
planting distance:
25 x 25 cm
soil / fertilisation:
When bedding out use slow-release fertiliser and extra liquid fertilser when needed.
Water regularly but sparsely.
gardener's tip:
Gourmet rosemary can overwinter in a bright and cool room with sufficient humidity. Overwintering in a cool house is possible.
Rosemary has an extremely intense scent. Its essential oil spreads a pleasnst aroma. Roemary is said to have a cordial and concentration stimulating effect. As tea it helps against low blood pressure. Additionally, it provides an intense flavour for the Frensh and Italian cuisine and goes nicely with chicken and grilled fish.


german term: Gourmet rosemary
botanical termn: Rosmarinus officinalis
plant height: 30-50 cm
life cycle: perennial
harvest season: perennial
flowering season: May to June
use: Culinary herb for seasoning dishes.
colour palette: green