French gourmet garlic 'Therador'

planting distance:
20 x 20 cm
soil / fertilisation:
Loves humic, permeable soil. When bedding use slow-release fertiliser and liquid fertiliser if necessary.
Water regularly
gardener's tip:
Early harvest from July - August. Due to the good shelf life cloves can be harvested after the withering of the leaves.
In pot pre-cultivated bulbs allow for an early harvest until July to August. Alternatively, bulbs can be harvested and stored because they have a very good shelf life. So you can enjoy the harvested bulbs until winter.

german term: French gourmet garlic
botanical termn: Allium sativum
plant height: 20-30 cm
life cycle: annual
harvest season: July to September
use: To refine and flavour your dishes
colour palette: green


Garlic chicken


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