Basic recipe for herbal lemonade (NEW)

A lemonade basically consists of a sweetened flavour component and water, which is possibly sparkling. In addition to lemon, mint is also often part of lemonades.

This taste can be made with herbs from which you make a hot water infusion. Actually, every herb you like and that you can imagine in a sweet combination is perfect for lemonades. But there is another classical addition to mint lemonade herbs: lemon balm, glechoma hederacea and sweet woodruff. In conjunction with sweetness, these herbs develop a very pleasant taste, with which you are usually on the safe side, especially for the production of a children's lemonade.

You can easily get a herbal lemonade just by allowing herbs to infuse in juice: Some branches of lemon balm, glechoma hederacea and peppermint are washed and dabbed dry and then briefly worked with the rolling pin so that the ingredients of the herbs can easily leak. Put them in a bottle and pour over a liter of apple juice. You can even add a little lemon juice and lemon zest. Pass through a sieve into a glass and top up with mineral water. And here you go with the natural herbal lemonade.

Preparation of a syrup and lemonade 

More herbs are used in the following recipe:

  • Water and sugar in equal shares are boiled and skimmed off.
  • When this brew is warm, add some elderberry umbels, several branches of woodruff 'Sterntaler', mint 'Crispa', lemon balm 'Relax' and lemon to it.
  • The mixture should be covered for two days in a cool place and be stirred occasionally.
  • It should be strained through a cloth into a saucepan and once boiled, the lemonade base may be filled into bottles when still hot.


This recipe makes a wonderful syrup. Put one to two tablespoons of this syrub into a normal soda glass (0.2 l) and add mineral water. Not all children like the taste of elder berries so you should check for yourself if this kind of lemonade is suitable for your children. Most adults, however, are thrilled by the taste of elder berries - the more, the better.

The herbal lemonade for adults can still be mixed in a far more interesting way:

  • Add 10 parts melissa 'Relax', basil 'Magic White' mint 'Citaro' and lemon thyme 'lime',
  • 2 parts rosemary 'Abraxas' and sage 'Culinaria'
  • a few crushed juniper berries
  • sugar and lemon as desired to a liter of apple juice.
  • Then cook the mixture once and let the herbs brew in the liquid for half an hour.
  • the decoction is strained and can be bottled.

This mixture is a syrup for lemonade, which is filled up with mineral water (at least the same amount).

Which other herbs are still suitable for the production of a herbal lemonade?

You can experiment with almost all of the herbs and spices mentioned in the other recipes! Combine them for your own herbal lemonade. Other herbs and spices that could do well in a lemonade are, e.g. angelica root and appleringie, ginger and green cardamom, clary sage and lemongrass 'Tasty Lemon'. However, you should be careful and know exactly which herbs are suitable to be used. Quite a few have ingredients that are used for medicinal applications and therefore should only be used in appropriate amounts

Sugar, by the way, is not the only option to sweeten something: there is for example also honey, or you can use sugar cane molasses or fruit juice, brew or syrup to sugar your dishes and drinks. And if you refine your herbal lemonade with a dash of liqueur, add some ice cubes, a few decorative green leaves and a straw, you will have invented a new cocktail variant for your summer party.