Sweet mint pesto (NEW)


1 pot English mint 'Citaro' (a hand full from your own garden)
100 ml mable syrup, pure sugar or some other syrup
100 g marzipan
300 g almonds, peeled (or flakes of almonds)


This recipe is just perfect for making a wonderful pesto for desserts. In addition, the pesto also fits to citrous and exotic fruits.

Remove the stalks from the English peppermint 'Citaro'. Wash and dap dry the peppermint leaves and put them in a narrow container. Add the syrup.

Slightly brown the almonds in a pan and mix them with the syrup and mint.

Finely blend everything with a blender shaft.

Crumble the marzipan and add it to the mixture (mix with a fork or a blender shaft) until you have a paste.

Enjoy your meal!