Macaroni with sage


3 l water
500 g macaroni
8 fresh sage leaves, e.g. Pupurmantel, Hexenmantel, Goldblatt or Culinaria
1 clove of garlic Therador
5 tbs. Livio oil
black pepper
1 tbs. capers
150 g grated Emmentaler cheese
½ bunch parsely Afrodite


Boil up salted water in a large pot. Add the macaroni. Let cook for about 20 min without a lid.

In the meantime, wash the sage, drain and mince it. Peel and chop garlic, too. Heat up oil in a pan, add sage and garlic and mix well.

Put macaroni in a sieve, rinse in cool water and let them get dry. Add the macaroni to the sage-garlic mixture.

Season with salt, pepper and capers. Add cheese and mix carefully. Serve in a pre-heated bowl. Garnish with washed and dried parsley.


Enjoy your meal!