Social media download-centre

In our download centre we provide optimised cover images for social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter for you. The image has the optimised resolution for each portal and can be used immediately by youfor free!

Please note that the use of our images is only permitted in the social web.


Choose your favourite image, download and integrate it into your social networks.

Legal information (copyright)

This artwork is copyrighted by the Volmary GmbH. Any use is only allowed if explicitly related to the Volmary GmbH products, the original name of variety and the reference to the company Volmary GmbH, as well as for private use in the social web. A use for the preparation of other products or a change of the images is not permitted.

Restrictions: Please note that the use of our images is prohibited for the following purposes:

  • Adult entertainment
  • Logos, trademarks or service trademarks
  • Political support