Tips on culivation: cucumbers


Cucumbers need and love warm locations. They can already take harm at temperatures of 14 °C and below. They grow best in sunny, wind-sheltered locations in ope land or greenhouses.
A loose, well aerated, moist, humic and nutritious soil is important. Cucumbers do not root deeply.

Watering and manuring

Cucumbers need plenty of nutrients especially in times it grows fruits. The fruits will fall down if they are not fed suffiently. That is why you should use compost or organic fertiliser before bedding out. Your cucumber plants should be fertilised regularly.
Cucumbers also need a lot of water. So water often but not during midday heat but in the evening or morning. Best is to use stale water. Cold water can lead to a shocking effect in temperaturte.

Additional measures of cultivation

  • Bedding out on ca. 30 cm high, nutrient-rich embankments with a distance of 50 x 100 cm between each plant from mid-May on. Best is to select warm days to do so. Mulch with much straw and compost.
  • Cucumbers love to creep on strings, sticks or trellises which are best put into the soil tent-like. This method does not only save space and eases the harvest, but the creeping growth also causes higher yields with less crippled fruits.

Gardening tips

  • The 10-20 cm long mini-cucumbers don't need to be cut since they do not exhaust the plants much and therefore can easily carry 30-40 fruits.
  • Grafted cucumbers are robust against wilt diseases and low temperatures. In addition, they have a vigorous habit and significantly higher yield

Gardening tip: The earlier the long cucumbers are harvested, the faster the plant grows new ones.