Tips on cultivation: shrubs

Shrubs often delight since they are grateful, easy-care and perennial plants. During winter parts of the shrubs overwinter underground. In spring they come back to delight us.

Select a shrub according to the location and period of flowering. You can enjoy a tremendous sea of flowers from early spring to late autumns if you choose shrubs with different periods of flowering.

Tips on composition

  • Plant stately shrubs seperately at the back of your garden. They dominate the bed by their height (e.g. larkspur, sunhat, phlox, high ornamental grasses). Low shrubs and ground-covering shrubs are suitable for the front parts of your garden (e.g. heuchera, lilacbush, pantograph, low ornamental grasses).
  • Planting distance depends on the variety chosen.
  • Grasses provide an easy touch to many shrubs beds
  • Some shrubs can be cut back after blooming and then delight with a second range of flowers (e.g. Indian blanket, lankspur and lupines)

Gardening tips:

To make your shrub beds less weedy and dried out during summer, it is recommended to mulch the soil, meaning it is covered with organic mulch. This way the soil remains moist for a longer time; This leaves no chance for weed to grow, provided the layer of mulch is thick enough.

Remove withered flowers

Always cut off withered parts of the shrubs. Then the plants do not only look better, this way you also avoid seeds from sticking. Consequently the plants can use all their power to grow new flowers. In a short period of time the mostly will grow a second, colourful blossom.

Whether rich in contrast or aranged accoring to colours: we have many varieties for your ideas in store