Everbearing strawberry

Volmary's everbearing strawberries provide plenty of fresh and aromatic strawberries from June to the first frost and are ideal for your strawnerry paradise in little space.

A reliable and fruitful variety is 'Elan'. It grows large, vibrant-red strawberries with great flavour for many months. The sturdy plants with white flowers grow well in pots or balcony tubs. As early as 2-3 months after planting they can be harvested from Juli until late October. The variety 'Rosana' has similar characteristics. It grows charming and beautifully light-pink flowers. 'Camara' in contrast, grows decorative, dark-pink blossoms and longish fruits.

The extraorinarily new variety 'Toscana' won the "Fleurostar" award due to its dark-pink flowers, high ornamental value and delicious taste.Tip: Fertilise the plant regularly so it constantly grows new fruits. Do not choose a hanging basket that is too small. Three plants are just perfect for that.

Available in garden centres and market gardens next door. Offer period: April to August