Fragrant garden cyclamen

Garden cyclamen are really "booming" recently. In former days they were known as pleasantly smelling room plants, but thanks to modern varieties they are now also suitable for open land cultivation and therefore greatful bloomers in autumn. This doesn't come as a surprise since from August on these constant bloomers reliably grow new blossoms until the first frost. Especially appealing are Volmary's fragrant garden cyclamen 'Angelito®'. Their delicate and long-living flowers spread an intense, sweet fragrant und enrich every garden due to their softly pink, red or white shades.

These plants stand rain, wet nights and cool temperatures without taking any harm. That is why one increasingly notices their great quality for autumnal bowls, balconies or grave plantings. But garden cyclamen can also provide nice touches in your front garden, on patios and in shady locations. They constantly grow new buds from August to Christmas and open long-living, appealing and gracile blooms. Their intense perfume is best to be enjoyed on nearby seats.

There are many different varieties of the ca. 15 cm tall garden cyclamen. Small, especially compact plants with many delicate flowers are available as 'Angelito® Mini Pink Colours' (pink), 'Angelito® Mini Red Colours' (red) und 'Angelito® Mini White Colours' (white). The variety 'Angelito® Midi' is charcterised by a vigorous growth with large flowers. They are also available in red, pink or white.

Available in garden centres and market gardens next door. Offer period: September to October.