Garden ferns

Our easy-care and hardy garden ferns fascinate in shady locations. These beauties are tremendous eye-catchers thanks to their filigree fronds.
Ferns had already existed when dinosaurs lived on earth. In spring, the delicate fronds remind of these species of primeval times. They also cause astonishment and the desire to look at and take pictures of them. In summer these filigree ferns offer a nice and interesting contrast to surrounding flowers and leaves.

The hardy ferns are perfectly suited for shady locations below trees and shrubs, in front of walls, inner yards and at water gardens.

Tip: ferns are avoided by snails, additionally are very robust, persistent, modest and easy-care.

  • Hardy
  • Great structure plant
  • For half-shaded to shady locations

Available in garden centres and market gardens next door. Offer period: March to October