Grafted vegetables

These refinded tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, melons and eggplants are not only used for professional cultivation but also in hobby gardens. With grafted plants, high quality varieties are refined to make them vigorous and resistant against diseases. In the course of this process, new plants are developed that benefit from the growth and robustness of the stock against pests like roundworms and corky root.

Advantages are plentiful, because either in greenhouses or in open land these grafted plants grow faster, better and are naturally protected against highly diehard roundworms and serious diseases. They can be harvested for a longer time and have a more beautiful quality in fruits and leaves. Furtermore, the yield is of course much higher.

Two or three shoots with many fruits can be fed at the same time. Especially espaliers for tomatoes on balconies, patios and in greenhouses are an interesting method.

  • Strong growth, significantly higher yield than ordinary plants
  • Resitant to ground-diseases, therefore higher yields
  • First-class, tasty Volmary-variety

Tip: Pay attenteion that the grafted parts of the plants are always above the soil. This ensures the best protection against roundworms and diseasesEAvailable in garden centres and market gardens next door. Offer period: April to May