Mini vegetables for snacking

Mini vegetables for snacking are very trendy these days! Fresh and rich in vitamins, the fruits of tomatoes, cucumbers or peppers want to be snacked by you and provide enjoyment for everyone. No matter if consumed as refershers, used for salads, as garnish or for your children's lunchboxes - these little vegetables simply are tasty. There are many different small-fruited and aromatic vegetable varieties in Volmary's assortment. For example the mini-San-Marzano-tomato 'Caprese', a cherry tomato with a typically longish Italian shape. The fruits, although only weighing 20-30 g, provide the full Mediterranean aroma. Or the small fruits of the plum-tomato 'Santorange'. They have a decorative, orange colour and are sweet in taste.

Sweet, juicy and interesting are also the popular snack-peppers like 'Lubega Mini'. The thick-walled fruits can be eaten as a wholee dickwandigen since their seeds are normally at the base of the fruit. Children in particular love them.

A guaranteed success for high yield, even in pots on windowsills or on the balcony, is the crispy and juicy mini-snack-cucumber'Mini Stars'. It grows many tiny fruits. Also a speciality is the sugar melon 'Orange Beauty'. With its short tendrils it grows well in large pots on balconies and patios. Its sweet fruits with delicious pulp in dark-orange are someting special for sweet-teeth.

Tip: All mini-snack-cucumbers grow well in pots or tubs on balconies or patios.