Professional seeds

- now also available for hobby gardeners in our shop!

Leading plant nurseries have been utilising our seeds for quite some years already.

Nurseries make use of Profi seeds because they value their high-quality characteristics.

These include:

  • Good germination capacity
  • High seed vigour
  • Exceptional vitality
  • Homogeneity

And now it is time to give you the opportunity to test the quality for yourselves. We have assembled a select range of Profi seeds on, which you can now order on-line exclusively from this site.

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What are the best methods for sowing Profi seeds?

If you choose, for example, the 'Hot Burrito' chilli, then you should proceed as follows:

1. We recommend sowing the 'Hot Burrito' chilli in February or March, since both these months provide improved light conditions compared to the winter months.

2. Distribute the seeds evenly over the surface of a pot containing seed compost.

3. Press down lightly then cover with a small amount of additional compost.

4. Please take care to apply water as a fine spray.

5. Place the pot with the seeds on an indoor window ledge and water regularly.

6. For germination, ensure the temperature remains between 18° and 25° C. You should be able to see the first green shoots after about 10 days, at the latest after 14 days.

7. Once the first leaves of the seedling are fully formed (about 3 weeks after sowing), you need to prick out the individual seedlings.

8. We recommend that each seedling is transplanted into its own pot with a diameter of 10 to 12 cm. For this it is best to use pricking out/transplanting compost or a loose, well-draining potting mix.  Water immediately after transplanting, then water regularly over the next few weeks as soon as the surface of the soil becomes dry.

9. Once the last frosts are over - generally after the middle of May (the so-called 'Ice Saints’ Days' in Germany) - the young plants can be planted out at a distance of 30cm from each other in a sunny spot in the garden or placed on a balcony where they can catch the sun. You can also transplant them into a suitable larger pot with a slow release fertiliser, and then just water regularly.

10. Should there be another night frost, however, we recommend covering the whole plant with fleece or fabric in order to protect it from the cold.

11. If you do keep the chilli plants up on a balcony, you could bring them inside the house or apartment for the night. Alternatively, you might place them very close to the wall of the building and cover with fleece or another material.

12. For those amateur gardeners who like to use a greenhouse: The recommended temperatures must be maintained both day and night throughout the sowing and germination period.  This generally requires heating in the greenhouse or at least a heat mat under the seed trays. In this way you can create an environment that is good enough for sowing and germination from about the beginning of April.

Gardening professionals recommend that you treat the Profi seeds as described in the first 11 steps above. You can then expect to obtain a successful and high-yielding crop of tasty chillies.


Our tips for seed storage:

If you have seed remaining after sowing what you need, you should take care that the seed packets are always stored in a dry and relatively cool location.

We recommend that seeds are stored in a closed air-tight box in a dark place. A cool room where not much light comes in is most suitable.

Should you not have such a box at the moment, the Profi seeds can be stored in such a room in their packets without the box. However, you should ensure that there is not a high level of humidity in the room and that the packets are never exposed to the sun. If this should ever happen, there will be a drop in vigour of the Profi seeds.