Wild strawberries

Discover the real wild strawberry flavour!

Small but mighty and very aromatic - perfect for little and big sweer-teeth. The new wild strawberries 'Tubby Red' and 'Tubby White' grow beautifully red and white fruits.

While our native wild plants usually grow small and round fruits, our new Volmary wild strawberries grow cusp-like fruits of ca. 2-3 cm length. During the summer months from the end of June to the beginning of August this delicious wild strawberry flavour tempts to enjoy again and again.

The tenderly juicy fruits are very suitable for desserts, ice-cream, juices, marmalades, tasty drinks and cakes. In spring these hardy plants grow plenty of white flowers. Just like in fairy tale, the many fruits shine brighlty in red or white in summer. Children just love collecting and eating them. These easy-care plants grow best in humic, slightly moist soil in half-shaded locations. Sunny or shady locations are just as fine. The more sunshine they get, the more fruits they will grow.

Tip: You can perfectly plant the wild strawberry 'Tubby' in stone gardens, rose-beds and close to walls. The overhanging plant is also very decorative in hanging baskets, bowls or tubs.

Available in garden centres and market gardens next door. Offer period: April to August