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Plant Breeding and Information Centre





– With our valuable

products, innovations and horticultural

know-how, we want to further develop our

accomplishments together with our

customers and succeed in the green sector.

We are passionate about this golden goal.

Dear Sir or Madam

We are pleased to present you with our young plants and seed catalogue for spring 2019.

The assortment consists of the best varieties according to our experience and it has been

expanded with many attractive novelties. All varieties have proven themselves excellently on

an international level.

The successful series

Thunbergia 'Sunny Susy



has been valuably supplemented. In

addition to the well-introduced and popular colours such as

'Rose Sensation'




other spectacular colours have now been added like the new, two-toned

'Amber Stripes'


Robustness and an abundance of owers are the focus when breeding





. This new series with currently four varieties enriches the B + B assortment.

With the trend towards vegan nutrition, the demand for high-energy superfood vegetables

is also increasing. Here we have a lot to o er: tasty

sweet potatoes




in new colours,

juicy yacon


, robust

seed potatoes


or even

Chinese artichoke









. All varieties also grow excellently in the Central European climate.

In addition to delicious vegetables and spicy herbs, our

compact fruit specialities

have rmly

established themselves in the B & B range. If one snacks on the

balcony peach

'Fruit Me



or the

compact pot raspberry 'Ruby Beauty



, the consumers in the di erent horticultural

sectors only have one concern: that the fruit is tasty!

The garden retailing brand



with the colourful pots is very popular. The website for

hobby gardeners


) and targeted social media activities via Facebook,

Twitter & Co. create emotional

worlds of experience within the Volmary



. Many

gardeners and marketers have realised that they can achieve excellent horticultural success in

partnership by means of targeted marketing and according to our motto

'Grow for Gold




Better products and speci c information are essential for your success.

Our international

connections to science, breeders, young plant producers, production growers, marketers and

the media o er you world class breeding and rst-hand knowledge.

Both our experienced

sales representatives and o ce sta

are happy to advise you in

con dence about our varieties and their cultivation requirements. Make use of this advantage.

Yours sincerely

The Management and Employees

Spring Assortment 2019

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